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Convicters are a type of enemy in Mad World.

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"As a result of the Apocalypse, societies fell and civilization turned to rubble, leaving survivors emerging from its embers but two options: Lose themselves to this new insanity or to find death maintaining their humanity. Those that kept their humanity were left vulnerable and often exploited, or even worse, by those that became akin to hell-spawn. Those that chose madness quickly became outlaws, mercenaries, and drifting demons among the plains.

"Despite their madness and lack of humanity, they all understood fear, particularly of an organization called 'The Convicter.' Comprised of elite, skilled, and deadly agents, they tracked down those that have given away their humanity to the void of the apocalypse. If you became a target of The Convicter, you were quickly found dispatched with a red sigil on your corpse.

"You better not get on their list whilst you make your choices. Now get a move on, we have work to do."