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A girl with a dark past

Libby is a non-player character in Mad World.

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"You open your eyes, and find yourself in Graveyard. You feel pain, and remember nothing.

"Libby thought you were one of the corpses. She runs away as soon as she's sees you're alive. Corpse Carrier Victor tells you she took your ring which is your only clue to finding your past.

"Following the trace of Libby, you stumbled upon a place called Dark Camp. Everyone is hostile, and having lost all your memories makes it even harder to fit in. Everyone seems to be against you, and your only clue/lead is Libby.

"After her mother passed away, she's been damaging corpses so that their skins (as well as hers) won't be peeled off by Body Collector like he did to her mom. It has become her obsession.

"As fate would have it, Libby is taken by Body Collector's soldiers. You make your way to Body Collector, hoping to save Libby before it's to late..."