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Murdock is a non-player character in Mad World.

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"Murdock, a junk seller and native to Battlefield of Meteors.

"While out doing his everyday chore of collecting junk, he was abducted by the Demons. Unprepared and caught off-guard, Murdock was moved to the Laboratory where unthinkable human experiments were being conducted.

"In the Laboratory, Murdock's limbs were amputated one by one, then reattached. Such procedures continued until the pain became only but Numb. It's a miracle that he was able to remain sane. Every night he felt exhausted as his body and pride as a junk seller was ripped apart. Upon entering his cell, he pulls out his only companion, not a piece of junk... no, but a small journal that he managed to hide. He writes in his journal secretly every night. Due to the side effect of the never ending experiments, his body ballooned to over three times his original size. His intelligence also started to drift away as a side effect of the experiments. Murdock was no longer the same after losing his intellect, and it was Corpse Carrier Victor who saved him. While Victor attempted to escape from the lab, he found Murdock almost helpless, and decided to bring him along.

"Murdock wouldn't be able to live on his own, but Victor's new companion started to grow on him, taking away some of the burden on his shoulders. Although Murdock isn't as bright as he once was, he gained a massive amount of strength due to his oversized body. With his newfound strength, he became the best Corpse Carrier, traveling to every corner of the land carrying a large cart full of corpses."